Alfresco and Joomla deliver on CMIS

Alfresco and Joomla deliver on CMIS

December 11, 2008:Open Source Content Management providers Alfresco and Joomlatools have announced the first integration based on Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS).

The Alfresco:Joomla! integration module was built using the draft CMIS REST API to allow organisations running Joomla-based web sites to access Alfresco’s robust open source content management repository.

The integration, built using the CMIS REST API, will enable millions of Joomla web sites to access the powerful back-end content repository services of Alfresco, ensuring security, compliance, and auditability. Users will be able to more effectively manage, preview and track increasing volumes of content and digital assets on collaborative Joomla web sites using Alfresco’s content library. Similarly Alfresco users will be able to search, publish, share, download, and edit content directly on Joomla sites.

The proposed CMIS standard is currently being advanced by an OASIS technical committee and will enable anyone to develop content applications on open source Alfresco and deploy them on SharePoint, EMC, IBM, or OpenText.

In September 2008, Alfresco released the industry’s first draft implementation of the CMIS specification. The company has also recently made available the CMIS Developer Toolbox, which includes a working implementation and contains resources to assist developers in the CMIS community to start creating portable content applications, based on the draft specification.

The Joomla Alfresco integration can be downloaded from

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