Open to the future with Captaris

Open to the future with Captaris

November 4, 2008: Open Text has announced initial product plans following the completion of its acquisition of Captaris document capture solutions.

These will be utilise to provide an “on ramp” for ECM by converting paper documents arriving by mail or fax to electronic form, so they can be managed online. Captaris offers capture technology that uses imaging, scanning and recognition technologies, plus classification and routing software that complements Open Text’s solutions.

Using Captaris’s software, for example, a customer can automate the process of inputting information from thousands of paper invoices, and eliminate the inevitable errors and confidentiality issues involved when paper-based data has to be entered by hand.

John Shackleton, President and Chief Executive Officer at Open Text, said “With Captaris, we can offer end-to-end management of content for customers’ SAP or Oracle systems, from the time a paper document comes in the door, until it’s processed online, and later archived. This lowers costs in a process like accounts payable by improving handling of problem invoices, reducing processing times, and allowing companies to better leverage on-time payment discounts.”

Captaris also offers document processing capabilities for Microsoft, including a new product that automatically exposes the contents of scanned documents in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to search engines, making them easier to locate for business processes or e-discovery.