Instabase AI Chatbots for Enterprise Use

Instabase AI Hub Chatbots promise to address deployment challenges in environments with the most stringent security requirements. They support all unstructured knowledge (including scanned documents, handwriting, etc.), providing reliable insights using an agent framework to solve complex multi-step tasks like financial analysis, and allowing users to verify every answer with references to the source knowledge.

AI Hub Chatbots are already being deployed to solve important knowledge access scenarios, including in an air-gapped environment for a US government agency.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, the ability to quickly and accurately retrieve information from enterprise & government data is crucial. For example, both customers and support representatives need to dig through archives of product documentation to troubleshoot issues.

Or, back-office workers across financial services and insurance need to navigate lengthy policy guidelines to make loan and insurance decisions. As organizations grow, the complexity and volume of their knowledge bases often lead to inefficiencies. In conversations with customers, Instabase found that knowledge retrieval continues to be a critical problem, even with recent LLM technologies. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and impacts operational efficiency - ultimately reducing profitability.

The company claims that novelty chatbot products are not able to process all unstructured data, only answer very basic questions, either do not provide references or provide them just at a high-level, or require usage in untrusted environments. While this might work for simple scenarios, the most important enterprise and government knowledge access scenarios require a more sophisticated solution.

Instabase AI Hub chatbots promise:

Deployment anywhere: AI Hub chatbots can quickly be shared using various techniques ranging from links anyone can access for community users, in your secure SaaS environment, or even in air gapped on-prem deployments using Instabase’s self-hosted InstaLLM model.

Understanding all data: AI Hub can digitize, parse, and understand any unstructured data. You can simply access your digital PDFs, pictures of handwritten notices, complex tables and forms, or even websites to configure a chatbot in minutes.

Fine-grained references: AI Hub gives token-level references with confidence scores which allow you to verify responses with your source documents.

Multi-step queries: AI Hub’s agent framework techniques allow chatbots to provide reliable insights backed by multi-step tasks like searching for information, extracting complex objects like tables and lists, using a calculator, critiquing its own answer, and recursively improving responses when they are incomplete.

“Our journey with AI Hub has shown us the immense value of knowledge access. Yet, we repeatedly see that business leads struggle to empower their teams to find insights in unstructured content. With AI Hub Chatbots, business leads can now instantly configure a chatbot on their knowledge base and share it securely with their teams or customers, providing immediate and reliable insights,” said Anant Bhardwaj, CEO and founder of Instabase.


Business Solution: