Custom Copilots from SharePoint

Custom Copilots are coming to Microsoft 365, promising the ability to harness the power of AI to refine workflows and foster collaboration that's tailored for your team or organization.

Microsoft says that in just a few clicks, you - whether an admin or business user - can create and share a copilot from SharePoint that’s grounded in the curated content you choose. The copilot will reason over only this content when providing responses.

These Custom Copilots can also be shared with others in Teams chat and email.

Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the news: “It’s like a subject matter expert ready to help you, your team, department, or even the whole company while respecting all your existing security settings and permissions.”

Site owners can enable any site to get a built-in copilot, scoped to the content of that site. This copilot is a new way for users to interact with the content on the site and can be shared to other Microsoft 365 apps and experiences.

These are able to access all documents and files inside SharePoint. They can be used to, among other things, quickly track down files or surface information from specific documents.

General availability is expected mid-year.

Business Solution: