AWS Cloud-Based Document Management System

UK firm Noventiq has launched a serverless document management system (DMS) developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using cutting-edge serverless architecture, Called uDMS, it eliminates the need for traditional server management, significantly reducing IT overheads and enhancing scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The uDMS solution includes Generative AI (GenAI) features that enhance content creation and document comprehension. The ‘Summarization’ tool efficiently condenses long texts into concise, informative summaries.

The ‘Narration’ feature transforms text into natural-sounding speech, and the ‘Q&A’ function engages users interactively, generating accurate responses to inquiries based on the content. Additionally, a Small Language Model analyzes text patterns to produce relevant new content, optimizing both effectiveness and resource usage.

A pay-per-request pricing model ensures cost efficiency by charging companies only for what they use, significantly reducing maintenance and administrative costs.

uDMS offers secure, fast, and reliable access to documents from anywhere, designed to support global teams and promote seamless collaboration across borders. The system also includes advanced access controls, compliance mechanisms, and encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information and maintain strict security and compliance standards.

uDMS supports quick integration with existing services and applications, allowing for smooth transitions and rapid deployment to enhance business operations promptly.

Hervé Tessler, CEO of Noventiq, said, “We are thrilled to launch our recently developed solution, uDMS, a revolutionary document management solution that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence towards our customers and partners. As we approach the final stages of our proposed Nasdaq listing, Noventiq continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in digital transformation. This momentum is further bolstered by our Global Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS, signed last October, which enhances our capabilities and ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and service excellence.”

The uDMS solution will be available on AWS Marketplace soon.


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