Collibra debuts AI Governance suite

Collibra has today announced a set of tools to provide data professionals with the ability to start AI projects with trusted data at their fingertips. Collibra AI Governance promises full visibility and control, while ensuring the use of reliable data, across any tool, for every AI use case.

"With the general availability of Collibra AI Governance and the announcement of Collibra AI, we're committed to making the work of data teams faster and more efficient by leveraging the power of AI," said Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer for Collibra. 

"By ensuring all data can be trusted, data leaders can reduce the risks of using AI and instead use it to drive responsible innovation within their organizations."

Along with a new user interface, Collibra also announced Collibra Data Notebook. With growing volumes and varieties of data across the enterprise, data teams need simpler ways to query, reuse, and share data.

Although siloed SQL data notebooks are a popular approach for discovering data assets using SQL queries, they lack integration with data catalogue and data governance solutions limiting insights and creating compliance risks. With Collibra Data Notebook, organizations can get even more context, meaning, and insights from data found through Collibra.

Collibra Data Notebook enables data teams to quickly query and explore data, document data interactions and share insights for easy reuse and collaboration across teams.

Data can be found more easily with a new, consolidated search experience across the Collibra Platform, Data Catalogue, and Data Marketplace. This cohesive approach allows data consumers to seamlessly switch to a more filtered, user-friendly Data Marketplace view that shows curated assets they know they can trust.

Realtime insights on who is using Collibra and what they are using in order to quickly understand and improve usage across the organization. This includes enhanced filtering capabilities and expanded realtime analytics showing relative popularity of different domains, communities, diagrams, and dashboards.

Additionally, adoption can be tracked with insights on who is using Collibra and how that usage has evolved over time.


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