Microsoft unveils Copilot for Security

Microsoft is launching Copilot for Security on April 1, priced on a pay-as-you-go rather than per user basis. This solution will utilize advanced language models and machine learning to provide security monitoring, threat detection, and automated response features.

The development of Copilot for Security comes as cyberattacks continue to increase in sophistication and frequency worldwide. Microsoft cites data indicating global cybercrime costs could reach $US8 trillion annually by 2025, highlighting the growing need for innovative security tools.

At its core, Copilot for Security contains a language model trained on a wide range of cybersecurity data like threat intelligence, security logs, and incident reports. This allows the system to analyze security events, identify potential threats, and detect anomalies that could indicate an attack.

Key capabilities of Copilot for Security include continuous monitoring of networks and systems to scan for vulnerabilities and suspicious activities. Unlike traditional solutions relying on predefined rules, it can adapt to identify new and emerging threats leveraging machine learning techniques.

If a threat is detected, Copilot for Security can initiate automated incident response actions such as isolating compromised systems, deploying patches, and generating reports. This aims to reduce the time needed to remediate threats and minimize potential breach impacts.

The solution also provides a natural language interface, allowing security teams to query the system and receive insights without extensive technical expertise required.

Custom promptbooks allow customers to create and save their own series of natural language prompts for common security workstreams and tasks.

Microsoft states the goal of Copilot for Security is to make advanced AI cybersecurity capabilities more accessible to organizations of all sizes that may have limited resources dedicated to security.

The company says it has implemented security and ethical practices into the development of Copilot for Security to ensure privacy protection and regulatory compliance when handling sensitive data.


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