Radiant Logic simplifies Identity Data Management

Radiant Logic has announced a new release of the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform, featuring analysis and visualization capabilities designed to make it easier to connect, manage and secure identity data.

The RadiantOne Identity Data Platform unites decades of data expertise with cutting-edge analytics tools to provide a unified identity data layer for the enterprise - now even easier to use with the introduction of RadiantOne AI and its generative AI Data Assistant (AIDA).

Enabled by a reinvented user experience, organizations can automate complex identity management processes and streamline business operations while minimizing the identity-related attack surface.

Data quality and data integration remain a critical challenge for large and complex enterprises. A recent study from ISMG found that half of organizations have suboptimal visibility into their identity data and that legacy identity systems remain the greatest challenge for integration.

Gartner corroborates this finding in a recent report, noting that "Identity and access data directly impacts IAM capability effectiveness, but most organizations struggle with data availability and quality."1 

To address these two pervasive challenges to an organization’s identity security posture, the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform connects and correlates data from any source, providing insight and visibility across diverse identity stores, including legacy systems.

The new release is built on Radiant Logic’s big data heritage and is available in a variety of deployment options, including a SOC2 certified SaaS offering or a self-managed deployment.

This release introduces RadiantOne AI, an artificial intelligence engine that uses the power of large language models augmented with advanced data visualization capabilities to deliver AI-driven analytics and decision making assisted by our GenAI chatbot, AIDA.

RadiantOne AI enhances the usability of the organization’s identity data, boosting access decision speed and accuracy and unlocking the power of data for identity-first security and improved governance.