Preservica launches new Enterprise Digital Preservation

Preservica has announce a new generation of its Enterprise edition offering new capabilities including enhanced security, fully automated Digital Preservation, advanced metadata management, high-performance ingest and seamless integration with AI and Machine learning tools.  

In addition to dedicated Private Cloud hosting on AWS or Azure, new generation Enterprise is now also available on shared hosting, providing attractive tiered pricing options for organizations of all sizes. New generation Enterprise also includes dedicated guidance from our team of archiving and digital preservation experts. 

New generation Enterprise is purpose designed for government, corporate, academic archives and libraries with demanding compliance, security, integration and scalability needs, bringing new levels of simplicity and automation to the challenge of ensuring long-term accessibility and authenticity of critical digital assets.  

For Government organizations new generation Enterprise provides: 

  • Powerful new ways to streamline archival transfers from departments and agencies  
  • Easy to customize portal for citizen access 
  • Rapid full-text search for handling FOI and public records requests 
  • Optional pre-configured metadata and folder templates for managing different record workflows 
  • Integration with AI/ML services for PII redaction and metadata enrichment  

For Corporate organizations new generation Enterprise provides: 

  • Enterprise-grade security with dedicated Private Cloud hosting, SSO and 2FA 
  • Large file and at scale ingest options for legacy system decommissioning 
  • Automated Digital Preservation actions for always actionable records 
  • Optional seamless integration with Microsoft 365 for automated compliance and records transfer  

For Libraries and C&H organizations new generation Enterprise provides: 

  • Powerful and flexible management of metadata and large collections  
  • Low cost deep archival storage options for PB scale digital collections  
  • Easy to customize discovery portal for sharing collections online 
  • Secure management of content submissions from donors and the public 

Stuart Reed, Chief Product Officer at Preservica, said “We have completely reimagined the whole experience of Enterprise archiving and Digital Preservation. From the scalable architecture to process petabytes of data securely; combined with the auto characterization and migration of digital objects to eliminate data obsolescence risk; right through to the accessible user experience that provides an intuitive yet powerful interface for the most complex of long-term enterprise archival needs."  

“All of this is combined with highly responsive APIs for connecting with the wider ecosystem, plus sophisticated ‘webhooks’ that allow seamless integration with AI tools, and Preserve365, Preservica’s innovative solution for the archiving and Digital Preservation of long-term records in Microsoft 365.”


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