Qumulo Cloud File Service rivals On-Premise Cost

Qumulo has announced its latest version of Azure Native Qumulo as part of Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere platform for the hybrid enterprise; a software solution that scales to exabytes anywhere unstructured data is needed. Qumulo’s native cloud service, Azure Native Qumulo (ANQ), developed with Microsoft, is designed to break the trade-offs customers face between scale, economics, performance and features for file services in the public cloud.

“Microsoft Cloud provides businesses with a wide variety of cloud services, in particular industry-leading AI/ML services,” says Kiran Bhageshpur, CTO of Qumulo.

“With our latest update to Azure Native Qumulo, customers can migrate their file-based AI/ML workloads to the cloud, and run them natively in Azure at scale, without compromising performance, features, or cost.”

“Unlocking the power of unstructured data is fundamental to Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more,” says Maneesh Sah, CVP Azure Storage, Microsoft.

“Combining Microsoft Azure Blob Storage with Azure Native Qumulo, Microsoft and Qumulo deliver familiar on-premises file management capabilities at costs similar to object storage. Azure is the only cloud that offers the balance of performance, cost, and scalability.”

ANQ provides a fully-featured, enterprise-grade cloud-native file services solution that offers:

AI-driven performance. 99% of I/O operations are served from the cache, improving performance and shielding file workloads from cloud object storage latencies.

True cloud-simplicity. ANQ’s rapid deployment gets customers running in just 12 minutes.

Cloud-scale. ANQ separates performance from long-term storage retention, allowing each layer to scale independently, elastically, and seamlessly. Furthermore, ANQ lets customers dynamically raise and lower their cluster’s throughput rates on demand, as needed.  

Cloud-reliability. ANQ leverages Azure’s 12 9’s of data durability and its clustered architecture so files are always within reach.

ANQ claims its cloud-native file storage services are 80% less expensive than comparable services (including the cloud vendors). ANQ presents a pay-as-you-go model in its pricing structure, where economics improve as data volume grows.

Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing is as low as $US30 per TB per month (for 1PB and beyond). Pricing starts at just $US37 per TB per month (baseline commitment of 100TB), with an incremental charge per TB as data grows. See ANQ’s pricing page to see list prices with examples.



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