Qumulo introduces Scale Anywhere Unstructured Data Platform

Qumulo has unveiled the next version of its Scale Anywhere Platform, which is designed to assist enterprises to overcome the challenges posed by unstructured data, providing a unified and scalable solution that drives efficiency, security, and business agility. 

Qumulo offers a way to manage exabyte-scale data anywhere — edge, core, or cloud — on the platform of your choice. In a world with trillions of files and objects comprising 100+ zettabytes worldwide, companies need a solution that combines the ability to work anywhere with simplicity. 

“Unstructured data is everywhere in the enterprise and growing at an unprecedented rate, a reality that traditional storage solutions have constantly grappled with,” says Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo.

“Qumulo finally fixes this with a software platform built for hybrid IT that scales to exabytes anywhere unstructured data is generated, stored, consumed, or managed.” 

The new platform is comprised of four major components and introduces a r new way to consume on-premises storage in the same way cloud storage is consumed.

The platform begins with Azure Native Qumulo (ANQ), a first cloud-native enterprise file system with unlimited exabyte scale and performance elasticity. Jointly developed with Microsoft, ANQ eliminates the trade-offs customers face between scale, economics, performance, and features for file services in the public cloud.

Featrures include:

- ANQ is claimed to be almost 80% less expensive than the closest alternative, and is comparable to the fully burdened on-premises cost of file storage.

- It scales capacity and performance independently. 

- ANQ can be configured and deployed directly from the Azure service portal in minutes. 

- It provides a rich set of data services, including quotas, snapshots, multi-protocol access, enterprise security integrations, and real-time data analytics.

Qumulo’s Scale Anywhere further includes Global Namespace (Q-GNS), a unified data plane for an organization’s entire unstructured data, from edge to core and cloud. Q-GNS allows enterprises to access remote data as if it were local for all their workflows, from the most performance-sensitive applications to active archives.

Q-GNS delivers Qumulo’s rich set of data services (multi-protocol access, enterprise security integrations, snapshots, quotas, replications, etc.) across geographically distributed systems—edge, core, or cloud.

Qumulo allows customers to run Qumulo on commodity hardware or public cloud of their choice. 

Nexus, Qumulo’s unified control plane, rounds out Qumulo’s Anywhere platform. And Qumulo One provides an enterprise-level licensing program to use with any of Qumulo’s products.  



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