Microsoft announces AI-powered SharePoint Premium

Microsoft has announced that the Syntex AI-powered content management platform has been rebranded as SharePoint Premium, offering AI-driven automation, improved content experiences, and improved governance.

SharePoint Premium extends traditional IT controls for content and access governance to content owners and creators to manage content at scale throughout its lifecycle via Data Access Governance (DAG).

DAG reports provide a top-level view of potentially overshared sites filtered by sharing policy, Teams-connected sites, sensitivity labels, privacy, and more. And sites for high value business content can also be highlighted since those often require more stringent policies and reviews.

With SharePoint Premium, IT will be able trigger site access reviews with content owners for potentially at-risk content, asking them to review access, making needed changes and confirming that sites are being properly shared.

In addition to AI features such as document processing, content assembly, optical character recognition, image processing and taxonomy tagging already available through Syntex, SharePoint Premium will add more.

A new integrated file viewer will support for over 400 file types enabling the ability to add ink, comments, mentions, tasks and more to any supported file type.

By the end of 2023 SharePoint Premium will include translation for files and Stream video, the ability to convert files and Stream video transcripts among dozens of supported languages, automatically and at scale plus a  new AI powered video cleanup that automatically removes pauses and fillers in recordings.

Scheduled for the first half of 2024 are:

• Autofill columns -allow you to dynamically add a new column to a document library and use AI to automatically fill in discovered values
• PII detection – flag files containing personally identifiable information (PII) such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card details and more.
• Multilabel classifier – run a single AI model to automatically set content type and determine the right model to apply for full data extract and analysis, rather than running multiple models to find the best match.
• Redaction – Find and remove visibility for select sensitive information, such as names, addresses, social security numbers, from content viewing.

Services available now under the Syntex brand will be moving to the SharePoint Premium brand in 2024. SharePoint Premium will include two licensing models:

• Content processing services, such as document processing, eSignature, PII detection, autofill columns, content assembly, translation and image processing will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis to most Microsoft 365 plans.

• New capabilities such as Business Documents app, Documents Hub, and the enhanced file viewer, as well as SharePoint Advanced Management will be available as seat licensed services users can add to Microsoft 365 plans, with pricing to be announced in 2024.

Starting in January 2024, Microsoft is running a limited time promotion that will allow customers of pay-as-you-go content processing to get a small portion of their monthly capacity free, before charges apply to additionally processed content. This promotional program which will run for a period of six months will allow users to try these services and understand how they enhance their content.