RecFind 7 launch adds MS Power Integration

Australia’s Knowledge Corporation has announced a major update to the RecFind ECM platform, with the release of V7.0 that now includes integration to the Microsoft Power Platform.

“This has been a major redevelopment of our product using new technology and tools to ensure that RecFind remains a leader in the Enterprise Content Management arena, said Frank McKenna, CEO, Knowledgeone Corporation.

“It significantly reduces the cost of the rollout, installation and maintenance of the RecFind system as well as making the RecFind interface far more powerful and intuitive for end users.”

“The new RecFind 7 web client is also a major paradigm shift for RecFind,” said McKenna

The new web client includes a superset of the functionality in both the RecFind 6 smart client and the RecFind 6 web client as well as a new UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) that makes using the RecFind web client more intuitive as well as easier and faster.

It has been built with the latest technology, including Microsoft Power BI, to provide a richer and easier-to-use interface. Configurable Dashboards and configurable Tabs are just two of the new features.

Significant Reduction of Costs

This release has been designed to do away with the need to install and maintain the RecFind 6 smart client on all workstations. It will provide a significant cost reduction in the maintenance of the RecFind application.

With the RF7 web client, no software needs to be installed or updated on workstations. Each user just clicks on the specified URL in a browser to run RecFind. Updates happen automatically as soon as a new version is installed on the server, it is immediately available to every user.

The administrative functions not in the RF7 web client, namely report creation and workflow creation, have been moved to the RecFind DRM. The RecFind super administrator will be able to assign specific users access to the report creation and workflow creation functions via the DRM.

All customers with a RecFind 6 web client and current ASU will receive the new RecFind 7 web client as a free upgrade.

Customers that have not yet purchased the RecFind web client can do so with a single, one-time investment. The web client is priced by installation, not by user. It inherits the concurrent user count from existing RecFind 6 smart client licenses.

RecFind 6 smart client users

A new version of the RecFind smart client will be available, version 3.0, for those customers wishing to continue to use the smart client or in transition to the RecFind 7 web client.

Click here for a short demo of the new RF7 web client.