PurpleCubeAI unveils Cognitive Data Insights

Data orchestration platform PurpleCubeAI has announces its latest offering, Cognitive Data Insights, offering English language querying on both structured and unstructured data, automated data quality assessment and improvement and automated business glossary generation, enrichment, and standardization.

"The digital landscape is overflowing with data, but the real challenge lies in harnessing this data effectively," said Bharat Phadke, CEO of PurpleCubeAI. 

"Our goal with Cognitive Data Insights is to simplify the process, making data intelligence both accessible and actionable for businesses of all sizes."

PurpleCubeAI brings modern data engineering to modern data platforms like Snowflake. It replaces dozens of legacy tools and is the right starting place for migrations to the data cloud, unified analytics, data warehouse automation, or AI activation.

Its distributed architecture deploys data agents for Snowflake, with built-in receivers, transformers, processors, directors, and optimizers to provide the most intuitive and future-proof automation of data engineering.

“We are excited about the new capabilities that PurpleCubeAI brings to our partner network,” said Mohamed Zouari, General Manager at Snowflake.

“In addition to what the Snowflake Data Cloud has achieved to break down data silos, PurpleCubeAI has unified data engineering. Customers can now optimize the flow of data from pipeline to predictions.”

PurpleCubeAI enables all data professionals to work together to build end-to-end data pipelines in a drag-and-drop interface, automatically generating metadata for intelligent automation and workload optimization.

Governance, cataloguing, and security are built in so that PurpleCubeAI becomes the system of record for all data engineering and the data cloud.

PurpleCubeAI is immediately available on both Microsoft Azure and AWS.