Purview takes aim at communication compliance

Microsoft's Purview Communication Compliance, integrated with Viva Engage, now employs state-of-the-art machine learning classifiers and keyword recognition to identify and address inappropriate conduct. This includes the ability to detect and remediate regulatory compliance violations.

In 2022 the United States Securities and Exchange Commission imposed a combined $US1.8 billion in fines on investment banking firms because employees had violated communication requirements by discussing business matters using company apps on personal devices.

As part of a multifaceted compliance strategy, Viva Engage users can now report concerning posts and inappropriate conduct within their conversations.

Designated investigators, equipped with role-based access control permissions, have the authority to review reported posts and take necessary actions. This empowers a community-driven commitment to maintaining a respectful and productive communication environment.

Enhanced Detection of Sensitive Information

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance also introduces a comprehensive approach to address regulatory compliance requirements. It can now detect the inappropriate sharing of various advanced Sensitive Information Types (SITs), including:

Named Entities: This encompasses a sophisticated dictionary- and pattern-based classifier capable of identifying a person's full name, physical addresses, and medical terms and conditions, such as blood test terms and brand medication names.

Credentials: Sign-in credentials and passwords for supported services and environments, like Microsoft Azure, Amazon, GitHub, Google, and Slack.

Exact Data Match: This feature allows the creation of custom SITs referring to exact values in a database of sensitive information.

These advanced SITs are readily available to designated administrators during policy configuration through the Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance portal.

Policy Scope Insights to Bridge Compliance Gaps

To address the challenge of missed policy matches from other users due to policy scoping constraints, Microsoft has introduced a feature that provides designated administrators with policy scope insights, enabling them to understand the aggregated volume of policy violations that might go unnoticed within the current policy scope.

These insights utilize advanced analytics to identify communication patterns, content, and trends, ultimately aggregating potential violations from other users within the organization who may fall outside the current policy's scope. By enabling this feature, administrators can gain insights and recommendations regarding users whose communications align with policy conditions but are not included in the current policy definition. This bridge compliance gaps, ensuring precision, and bolstering overall accuracy.

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance is a part of Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance Suite and available for AU$18.00 user/month.

Microsoft also recently introduced a new feature that detects regulatory compliance and business conduct violations in Microsoft Teams meeting transcripts.


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