iManage launches Knowledge Curation And Search Solution

iManage has announced the launch of iManage Insight+, a knowledge search and management solution, built natively in the iManage Cloud platform. Insight+ delivers powerful capabilities to enable knowledge workers to quickly discover examples of best practices work product, while empowering law firms and other knowledge-based organizations to curate and utilize knowledge to deliver improved productivity and effective client service.

“Insight+ is an important enhancement to the value delivered by the iManage platform,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of iManage. “It enables our customers to transform documents stored in the platform into institutional knowledge, by putting curated knowledge resources at their fingertips, so they can deliver high-quality work faster.

“Insight+ enables our customers to lower the cost of knowledge resource management and deliver an agile and responsive solution with full security and governance protections for their content.”

For lawyers and knowledge workers, Insight+ makes finding specific content – best practices, templates, artifacts, and examples of work – faster and more accurate. The initial release of Insight+ includes two distinct search experiences, or Locators: Search & Find, and Knowledge Locator.

Search & Find offers powerful and customized search functionality to enable users to pinpoint documents based on highly specific criteria. Knowledge Locator narrows a search to specific assets curated by knowledge administrators, including the best practices content, artifacts, and templates that constitute a firm’s institutional knowledge.

For knowledge teams, Insight+ puts control over knowledge resources in the hands of the knowledge managers while providing a superior user experience. The solution provides capabilities to enable administrators to curate and manage the firm’s knowledge resources efficiently and at scale.

Knowledge teams have the power to independently customize, configure and grant users frictionless access to institutional knowledge – while accounting for ethical walls, permissions, and other critical compliance and IT considerations – without the need for third-party or IT support.

Generative AI, as well as other AI technologies, benefit from access to high-quality data. Good data sets that are curated, enriched, and cleansed of PII or confidential information are foundational to leveraging these AI technologies in ways that are more relevant and responsible. Insight+ delivers effective tools for curating good data sets with robust content security and governance, extended metadata fields, and relevant context.

As a native cloud solution, Insight+ inherits all the intrinsic values of the iManage Cloud, including security, agility, and scalability. The iManage Cloud platform delivery model means that Insight+ can be deployed efficiently for organizations of all sizes, enabling organizations to focus on the adoption, process, and information architecture rather than the infrastructure. iManage is actively deploying Insight+ for several customers as part of the company’s Early Access Program.