Nuix Acquires Automation Partner Rampiva

Nuix has entered into an agreement to acquire US form Rampiva, a workflow automation and job scheduling software provider.

Rampiva is a long-term technology partner of Nuix, founded in 2016 to meet the needs of Nuix customers who wanted to achieve greater productivity by automating their data processing tasks.

The Rampiva team collaborated with Nuix customers to build a specialized subscription revenue business from the efficiencies that customers gained from automating the Nuix Engine and exporting data into their wider legal technology stack, including Nuix Discover.

“I founded Rampiva because, as a forensic investigator, I wanted people like me, to do what they do best – be creative with data while relying on computers for reliability, speed, and auditing.

“Joining Nuix is an exciting opportunity to align our efforts to be a Force for Good and ensure Nuix customers can use their data analysis expertise as productively and efficiently as possible” said Daniel Boteanu, Rampiva Founder and CEO.

Nuix Group Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Rubinsztein, said: “Rampiva is a complementary technology to the Nuix Engine and is used by our customers where the cost, ease, and administration of hype-scale data processing is not sustainable manually.

“It is a natural strategic fit for Nuix as it is very much aligned to providing solutions for our largest enterprise customers who are a major focus for us.”

“We expect to embed the Rampiva team and technology into our global business over the upcoming months which will create a broad range of cross-sell and growth opportunities with existing customers and prospects,” Mr Rubinsztein said.

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