Content Submission Tool Streamlines Knowledge Categorisation

Soutron Global has announced the availability of the Soutron End User Submission tool, simplifying content submission from end users while streamlining the categorization of organizational knowledge assets.

“The Soutron End User Submission tool demystifies knowledge curation,” states Tony Saadat, CEO and President of Soutron Global. “End users are often disconnected from the knowledge curation process.

“Accepting their direct submissions enables the library, archive, knowledge, or information centreto meet users where they live, curating knowledge assets that drive organizational value.”

Examples of what can be submitted include:

• Legal Document / Conveyancing / Deeds Submission
• Editorial Submissions, Documents, Images, Audio or Video
• Engineering Reports Submission
• Technical Drawings Submission
• Photographic Submission
• Field / Sales Staff Document Submission
• Student Submissions

End-users submit their assets via an easily accessible web form that has been enhanced with customisable metadata fields that provide for its categorisation, storage, and ease of accessibility.

An administrator then reviews and approves submissions, providing an automated means of curating organisational intelligence safely and securely from company employees, researchers, and other stakeholders, ensuring information integrity and accessibility.

The Soutron End User Submission tool can be extended to support an internal collaborative document review and approval process that ensures high quality knowledge-based submissions with the use of the Soutron Document Review functionality.

Soutron Document Review ensures high quality content is created and approved in a collaborative environment utilizing customisable workflows and automated notifications, which helps to decrease time spent on the review process and make operations more efficient. Personal accounts are set up where tasks and workflows can be managed, and a full audit trail improves traceability, ensuring all parties needed for sign-off have done so.

“Our clients are sophisticated in their use and management of information and seek ever more streamlined processes to develop accurate and complete knowledge in a subject area. Now, using our document review software solution for enterprise-wide research, we can deliver the capability for a wider application, including regulatory submissions, technical documentation, tender bids and intelligence briefings.

“This new capability extends the influence and range of library managers to support their organisation with ever greater efficiencies in information management,” states Graham Partridge, Vice President of Research & Development at Soutron Global.


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