Conduent eDiscovery Software improves Document Review

Conduent Incorporated has announced the release of its enhanced Viewpoint eDiscovery 7.5 platform with added capabilities to review data from Microsoft Teams, continuous active learning enhancements that save time by prioritizing documents for review, and the addition of named entity recognition.

Conduent’s Viewpoint eDiscovery Platform uses AI and machine learning to help legal teams efficiently and effectively manage electronically stored information found within various information and communication sources including email, chat, and structured and unstructured data repositories, including Microsoft Teams and other popular collaboration platforms.

With the rapid increase of remote work, the use of business communication tools like instant messaging have created a significantly larger pool of data and information in the workplace.

Platforms like Microsoft Teams bring together instant communication through audio and video calls and increase productivity with file sharing, messaging and collaboration. This results in additional data sources that are rich with content and context, which litigators must include in eDiscovery to avoid sanctions or missing key details.

The launch of Viewpoint 7.5 adds the ability to process and display data from Microsoft Teams to the of instant message tools it supports including Slack, iChat, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Bloomberg.

Expanded Continuous Active Learning

In many review processes, lawyers spend a significant amount of time reviewing documents that are not relevant. Viewpoint’s enhanced Continuous Active Learning (CAL) module, built with machine learning, analyses and learns from the reviewer’s content tagging in realtime.

Viewpoint then uses AI to quickly and strategically assign a relevancy value to each document from a large volume of documents. The overall result leads to relevant documents reviewed sooner which gives the case team more time to develop a review plan and case strategy.

The client-driven CAL enhancements include the flexibility to easily add new documents to an existing CAL review and the ability to share models between cases, so legal teams can capitalise on previous work products. Comprehensive CAL dashboards also leverage critical data to drive case team decisions on how to approach a large volume of documents while minimizing time and expenses for review.

With newly Added Named Entity Recognition, data breach and cyber incident review teams can now quickly and efficiently create notification lists by automating identification of entities with the Viewpoint Entity Management System that uses Microsoft Azure’s Named Entity Recognition Service.

About Conduent Viewpoint eDiscovery
Viewpoint eDiscovery delivers a flexible approach to legal and compliance document review with analysis designed to help manage litigation, investigations and compliance from beginning to end. The platform navigates the complexities of today’s global eDiscovery landscape and efficiently produces defensible outcomes. Viewpoint provides flexibility and scalability to manage eDiscovery in what works best for each organization’s


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