Micro Focus debuts Data Protector 11.02

More data has traditionally meant more problems. An increase in data can result in problems such as ransomware, disasters, or data loss of any kind. Data Protector standardizes and consolidates backups across multiple platforms. It provides secure, comprehensive backup protection for business-critical data and applications whether virtual, physical, or online in the cloud.

Data Protector 11.02 widens the net of protection previous versions have offered with new features such as role-based access control, deduplication updates, and integration agent updates.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)allows for the assignment of users and groups to roles, addressing more granular rights management in hybrid enterprises.

Role-Based Access Control helps users assign individual users or groups to certain backup or recovery tasks. Data Protector can be set up using dedicated rules for enterprise activity, which is standard for many solutions.

Users have granular choices for whether a user can back up, restore, or even see certain backup clients. More restrictions can be applied to the main backup server, the Cell Manager.

Deduplication Update

The newest update to the Data Protector Deduplication capability allows for cloud tier migration, immutability of stored data, and support for VM Power-On and Live-Migration.

Data Protector 11.02 update allows for automatic data migration between cloud tiers such as AWS S3 to Glacier or Azure Hot à Cool à Archive.

Migration is kicked off after several predefined days and provides cost-saving potential for customers storing long-term data. The migration process is fully automated and doesn’t need any manual input, relieving administrative personnel from mundane maintenance tasks.

Setting an immutability timeframe on stored data ensures information cannot be changed or deleted before the timeframe has expired. This helps prevent accidental or rogue deletion and prevents ransomware from changing data sets.

Users will now be able to Power-On or Live-Migrate VMware virtual machines directly from DPD stores. Power-On will run a VM on top of DPD without any restore operation, allowing for fast checks and access to VM content. Live-Migration will power in the VM and restore it in the background. The VM is Live throughout the process, shortening RTO to a few seconds.

Integration Agent Updates

The new SAP HANA integration agent allows for differential backups in addition to restoring workflows controlled by the DP GUI.

This 2nd step of the SAP HANA integration agent update provides the ability to run a differential backup, supporting special backup strategies. When compared to incremental backups, differential backups allow for faster restore chains. This approach enables an improved RTO.

The SAP HANA restore workflow has now been fully embedded into the DP GUI workflow, enabling dedicated data protection teams to run standard DP operations on SAP HANA instead of relying on SAP tools. Users have the choice of DP and/or SAP-based protection and recovery.

The new Unified Agent platform allows for faster integration of NoSQL-type databases since they share certain similarities. This underlying framework will also provide capabilities for customers and partners to build their own integration plugins.

Data Protector 11.02 will ship with a plugin for MongoDB, the first of many plugins utilizing this new Unified Agent architecture. The MongoDB plugin will support standalone and clustered databases and provides features comparable to existing application integrations such as redirected restores and point-in-time restores. The plugin will be hosted in the DP Web GUI space.

Micro Focus has two data protection offerings to meet all your backup needs: Data Protector Premium supports hybrid and more traditional infrastructure environments and has many built-in advanced capabilities.

For more modern workloads Data Protector for Cloud Workloads offers extensive backup functionality for Microsoft 365 Online products, as well as extensive hypervisor and container backup, and support for a wide range of cloud storage targets.

Data Protector saves IT administrators’ time and ensures business continuity by providing a disaster recovery process that is built for modern enterprise IT environments.

In addition to offering backup support for the Microsoft 365 online products including Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive for Business, it provides backup support for containers and a wide range of hypervisors. An extensive list of cloud storage providers is selectable as backup targets.

Access a free trial of Data Protector.

Access a free trial of Data Protector for Cloud Workloads.