EzeScan teams with Link4 to manage e-invoicing

EzeScan has announced an integration with Link4 to allow for the processing of e-invoices within a traditional invoice capture workflow. The integration with PEPPOL access provider Link4 allows for EzeScan to process any type of incoming invoices while eliminating the need to manually verify invoicing details, resulting in a more automation-driven process.

Existing users of EzeScan Invoice Data Capture solutions will simply need a Link4 connection to begin receiving e-invoices instantly, and at no additional EzeScan module licensing costs.

In 2019, the Australian Government adopted the PEPPOL framework and established the ATO as the Australian PEPPOL Authority to develop and administer the framework in Australia. To use e-invoicing, a government agency or business needs to connect to the PEPPOL network through an authorised access point, such as Link4.

While the move to PEPPOL e-invoicing in Australia and New Zealand is at a very early phase, the Link4 Access Point combined with EzeScan enables organisations to manage the inflow of PEPPOL and ongoing emailed PDF/Paper invoices in the same workflow.

Mike Kirkby, CEO at EzeScan, said, “Many organisations want an invoice capture system that provides one invoice stream, that’s where EzeScan comes in. We don’t care whether incoming invoices are hard copy scans, e-invoices, or emailed PDF attachments.”

“EzeScan can provide an extra level of validation and security for e-invoices by validating invoice data and flagging any changes in supplier details. Our dashboard also provides overall visibility of key invoice processing metrics including the number of invoices received and the types of invoices.

“Overall, this automation will simplify your Accounts Payable workflow while reducing the time you spend managing accounts, decreasing your overheads and ensuring a secure invoicing process,” said Kirkby.

"This arrangement between EzeScan and Link4 provides additional safety and security measures for any size business," noted Robin Sands, Link4 CEO. "We look forward to supporting more Australians using their current invoice processing channels."



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