CogniVision Document Viewer speeds Enterprise Content Search

CogniVision OneView is a newly launched patented universal viewer for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems that is claimed to reduce  the time to review and find information from search results by a factor of ten.

"Search typically takes one to five seconds. However, reviewing search results and finding specific information within documents is often tedious, time-consuming, and takes a long time," said Basker Krishnan, chief executive officer, CogniVision.

"We reinvented the display technology from the ground up to address this persistent problem."

Today's traditional search technologies display results as textual summaries organized by relevance and importance. However, the human brain operates in an analogue world, storing and recognizing information as images rather than text.

CogniVision OneView leverages a person's innate pattern recognition and cognitive capabilities in finding information extremely fast without having to read through pages of tedious text.

"Finding information on demand, right when required, is sometimes difficult, and a significant productivity drain with digital documents," said Daniel Banis, executive vice president, Head of CitizensTrust.

"CogniVision helps find the right document and information ten times faster."

CogniVision OneView offers a unified user experience and faster search across multiple systems and repositories within an enterprise, such as ECMs, core business systems, shared drives, and other sources. It can also display search results from any AI search engine to improve relevance and information findability.

Initial deployments have proven invaluable to banks and financial institutions and can address significant pain points in other enterprises.

CogniVision OneView is provided on a subscription basis and is available for deployment on-premises, in a private cloud, or as a secure SaaS.