Koverse Introduces Zero Trust Data Platform

Koverse, Inc. has announced availability of Koverse Data Platform (KDP) 4.0, a security-first data platform that introduces attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to enforce Zero Trust for data, allowing users to safely work with complex and sensitive information to power the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases.

KDP 4.0 creates a flexible, unified security model across data at the dataset and record level, increasing the value and utilization of all data within an organization, particularly of mixed sensitivities, by delivering fine-grained control to ensure authorized use.

“We know the challenges that security-conscious government organizations and highly regulated industries struggle with when using complex and sensitive data,” said Jon Matsuo, President and CEO of Koverse.

“We understand that often the most sensitive data is the most valuable, yet security and privacy create barriers to use. To that end, we created a platform that enables organizations to use data safely, with security top of mind, for critical mission agility.”

KDP 4.0 provides Zero Trust for data management, rapidly ingesting, indexing, storing, and securing all data including structured and unstructured, batch and continuously streaming, and classified and unclassified data, from any source.

Built by the architects behind the software that protects the NSA’s data, KDP goes beyond conventional security approaches to Zero Trust for data by applying ABAC, which takes the unique properties of each individual data element along with the attributes of each user into account to make an unlimited number of unique complex authorization decisions in realtime.

As a result, organizations are shifting focus from making one decision to allow users into the security perimeter, to an environment in which thousands of individual authorization decisions happen every second, based on each user and each piece of data.

KDP’s open architecture ensures users remain in control of their data at all times, and supports the tools and technologies teams already use, including popular AI/ML libraries, data science notebooks, and BI tools. KDP 4.0 is available as a service (SaaS) or self-managed.

With KDP 4.0, organizations can simply plug in their authentication system and define the security attributes, or use industry specific security attributes. The platform scales with new datasets and attribute labels as needed, ensuring no degradation in performance.

The ability to index, label and secure any data, even unstructured data, is claimed to be an industry-first.

Zero Trust is enforced even within the various platform micro-services, with additional fine-grained, attribute-based authorization checks for every data access request, so every team member sees only the data they need. In fact, when data is initially loaded into KDP 4.0, access to a specific dataset or record or even knowledge of its existence can be restricted – excluding, critically, even system administrators, further guarding against an inside bad actor.

Organizations can try KDP 4.0 free for 30 days at koverse.com/get-started