FTI Consulting Expands RelativityOne Solutions to Singapore

FTI Consulting, Inc. has expanded its partnership with Relativity to provide the cloud-based e-discovery solution RelativityOne in Singapore.

Worldwide, legal teams face mounting challenges and concerns relating to increasing corporate risk, the expanding data landscape, investigations and other pressures. According to FTI Consulting’s Resilience Barometer, remote work has made it more difficult to respond to regulatory and legal matters, prompting an increase in demand for both technology expertise as well as solutions that can reduce the cost and complexity of conducting defensible investigations and discovery.

“Our team in Singapore has long-established experience assisting clients using leading technology platforms, including Relativity, in investigations and disputes,” said Gino Bello, a Senior Managing Director and the Southeast Asia Leader within FTI Technology.

“The landscape of risk and data challenges continues to grow more hazardous for our clients, which is why we consistently adopt and develop the solutions needed to ensure matters can be carried out efficiently, defensibly and as cost-effectively as possible. This expansion of our RelativityOne offering in Singapore adds flexibility, speed and more control for our clients in their time of need, which will help them address persistent challenges and overcome barriers getting in the way of their technology integration goals.”

By offering RelativityOne, FTI Technology will provide law firms and in-house legal, compliance and risk teams with expert workflows, advanced analytics and a flexible and secure platform to reduce the cost and complexity of large, and often global, matters.

FTI Technology also provides its clients with an enhanced Relativity solution that leverages its own proprietary technology and add-ons from software partners, alongside the global consulting expertise of FTI Technology professionals. Services include:

  • Customization of tools, applications and workflows to optimize and evolve technological efficiencies within the Relativity ecosystem.
  • Workflow development to ensure advanced analytics and technology-assisted review capabilities are aligned with the legal team’s unique needs. FTI Technology’s experts help facilitate standardized procedures, implement best practices and build solutions to integrate emerging data sources into e-discovery workflows.

Daryl Teshima, a Senior Managing Director within FTI Technology, added, “Traditional e-discovery processes are evolving rapidly in the face of new challenges stemming from growing data volumes and the increasing variety of emerging data sources. This expansion of our RelativityOne offering to Singapore is a continuation of our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the most effective and impactful solutions, for every type of matter, in every major region around the globe.”



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