Upland Software to acquire BA Insight

Upland Software, parent company of FileBound and PSIcapture, has announced the $US34 million acquisition of BA-Insight, a provider of enterprise search solutions.

“Our acquisition of BA Insight was driven by our customers’ needs, specifically in the business services, life sciences, and legal industries, where knowledge workers are spending wasted hours using ineffective enterprise search tools trying to track down the right documents to do their work,” said Rod Favaron, President of Upland.

“This is because most enterprise search technology does not connect to all relevant sources, is generic in its taxonomy when it should be specialized, and never gets better. BA Insight solves these major search challenges facing specialized knowledge teams today.

BA Insight promises to provide a way to conduct searches that span enterprise systems to deliver relevant, personalized, and actionable results, with a technology that::

  • Eliminate the blind spots by connecting search to many different systems and applications;
  • Unify search results with the ability to set up the correct, specialized taxonomies to organize, retrieve, and sort the most relevant documents;
  • Delivers increasingly relevant results using analytics and machine learning to make each search better; and
  • Place a search bar wherever the user wants it so they can search natively in target applications or across all the applications they use every day.


This acquisition marks the third in Upland’s knowledge management product portfolio.