SER Launches Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

German firm SER has launched its Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, described as a revolutionary AI-powered platform to automate content understanding, which improves visibility, increases revenue opportunity and reduces risk.  

Dr. John Bates, CEO of SER, says, “Companies are increasingly reliant on an IT environment that uses a combination of best-of-breed systems from providers such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft. These systems were never designed to work together, which has, in turn, led to a lack of shared content awareness and teamwork in silos. This situation bears serious consequences – most notably lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction and higher risks.” 

Bates continues: “Doxis Intelligent Content Automation addresses these challenges by connecting all systems, information and processes and adding AI-powered intelligence to provide a 360° content understanding.

“This translates into enhanced decision making, maximized revenue potential and minimized risk in a hybrid best-of-breed world.”   

As part of the Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform, SER will offer extensible solution suites to solve challenges in common enterprise processes, such as purchase-to-pay, customer 360°, patient management and more to come.   

The solution suites bring together various use case-based solutions and create synergies through combined intelligence. Doxis SmartBridges enable solutions to connect with multiple ecosystems, including Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce. The result: a unified view of information, automated cross-ecosystem processes and better insights.  

The platform will be available both on premises and in the cloud through a software subscription license. The platform’s enhanced service bundles offer built-in managed services, advanced monitoring and on-demand personalized technical expertise.