Blue Prism puts ML on tap

Blue Prism has announced Blue Prism Decision, a product that allows process developers to easily integrate machine learning (ML) based decisions into their digital workforces without requiring data science expertise.

Blue Prism Capture v3 is another new enhancement, a solution that allows users to easily record an accurate process and rapidly generate an automation prototype. Together, the updates accelerate the adoption of digital robots and increase the scope of intelligent automation in the workplace.

Powered by ML, Blue Prism Decision allows organizations to go beyond basic robotic process automation (RPA) and target more complex human-like decisions such as issuing a refund or paying an invoice, with minimal effort and expertise.

One of the biggest obstacles in utilizing ML for intelligent automation has been the need for data science knowledge. Through Blue Prism Decision, business users can build and train ML models in minutes through active learning and auto-ML functionality. What's more, unlike ML models of the past, decisions from these robots are fully explainable for audit purposes.

Process developers can use the tool to easily and accurately record business processes and generate an automation prototype. The process can then be easily modified and quickly put into the process development flow. This reduces errors in process capture and improves workflows between the process developer and analysts, speeding automation time by up to 75 percent.

The enhancements to Blue Prism's suite of intelligent automation solutions - Blue Prism Decision and Blue Prism Capture - remove automation roadblocks and unify people with their digital robots.

Augmenting human workers with intelligent automation: the future of work

Machine learning and RPA integration typically require complex models that are difficult to train, manage and audit for all but the most digitally-savvy organisations. The vast amount of developer resources and level of machine learning expertise required makes it difficult to deliver automation at scale or deliver measurable business value.

"The future of work will radically change how businesses operate, but in order to get there, organizations will need to accelerate the adoption of digital robots, ensure they are enhancing their human counterparts, and integrate them into a highly-productive workplace," said Danny Major, SVP Product, Blue Prism.

"The updates to Blue Prism's intelligent automation portfolio make it easier to design, create, deploy, and manage automated workflows throughout the organization."

Blue Prism Decision will be generally available this month. Blue Prism Capture is available now.

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