EzeScan’s introduces Cloud Invoice Processing for Blackbaud

EzeScan’s Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT accounts payable solution is now available as a SaaS offering in the EzeScan CLOUD.  This means fast deployment with an affordable monthly subscription, without the software, hardware, or management headaches. 

With cloud deployment, EzeScan software is hosted in the EzeScan CLOUD and can accessed anytime and anywhere via a web browser from any device. The major benefit of this deployment option is that it requires no upfront capital expenditure for server hardware or software and is instead paid for on a subscription basis.

With the EzeScan CLOUD platform you will not have to worry about upgrade or maintenance tasks for both hardware or software.

The benefits include:

  • Automatically capture and process invoices from multiple sources including email, E-Invoice or scanned hardcopy, directly to Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT.
  • Apply multiple exception rules. e.g. Invalid supplier, invalid or no order number, duplicate invoice, bank details mismatch.
  • Automatically apply distribution sets.
  • Automatically attach PDF to invoice records in FE NXT.
  • Submit invoices via webform with supporting documentation
  • Reporting, including what was imported, processed and operator activity.


Seamless Integration with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT. With a highly configurable interface EzeScan provides rapid deployment measured in days not months, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming custom scripting or programming services.

EzeScan smart capture technology allows EzeScan to automatically detect values from any location on your invoices. These values can be validated against Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT to ensure data integrity is maintained and exceptions are flagged.

Automate your accounts payable workflow with EzeScan. Automation includes the capture of emailed invoices from Office 365 mailboxes, invoice scanning, data capture, validation and upload to Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT.  With EzeScan’s process automation you can now achieve impressive gains in productivity and accuracy with little or no user input.

How It Works

To find out more information about EzeScan's CLOUD Invoice Processing Automation Solution for Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT visit our virtual stand at this year's BBCON 2021 conference from the 13th-15th October.



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