DataPlus 3.0 Uses Machine Learning to Help Strengthen Data Privacy

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the global solution provider, has released a new version of TCS MasterCraft DataPlus, with a self-guided approach to building data privacy and data quality processes and Machine Learning (ML)-based sensitive data attribute discovery.

TCS MasterCraft DataPlus is an integrated data management software for data privacy, test data management, data quality management, data analytics and database modelling.

It is industry-agnostic, delivering context-specific solutions to an enterprise's data management challenges. The software is backed by decades of relevant TCS expertise in helping global enterprises in their transformation and regulatory compliance programs.

TCS MasterCraft DataPlus has been deployed across multiple geographies and business verticals, and has provided value to enterprises of varying scale, with its data privacy and data quality management capabilities.

The latest release, DataPlus 3.0 provides users a guided approach to building the required data privacy and data quality management processes, through ready-to-use process templates that are amenable to additional configuration.

The new intuitive experience reduces the time taken to train and onboard new users as well as reliance on support teams.

Through ML-based sensitive data discovery, DataPlus 3.0 intelligently learns to identify probable sensitive and personally identifiable data attributes, enabling privacy-safe data provisioning.

Vijayalakshmi Gopal, Business Head, TCS MasterCraft, said, "Traditional data management software have limited ability to cope with the explosion in scale and variety of data resulting from enterprises' digital transformation initiatives.

“TCS MasterCraft DataPlus 3.0, our next generation data privacy and data quality management software, leverages machine learning to drive higher levels of automation and more effective data discovery. The new features make the software easier to learn and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience."


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