Automation assistant for Microsoft Teams

Crow Canyon Software has announced the release of NITRO Bot 2.0 for Microsoft Teams. The NITRO Bot is more than a Q&A or FAQ bot. It powers business process automation by its tight integration with Crow Canyon's NITRO Studio Forms and Workflow platform.

Requests, approvals, assignments, searches, status reports, escalations, and more can all be done through the Bot.

The Bot operates like a virtual employee, reliably performing high-volume tasks and processes 24x7 basis, resulting in efficiency and quality improvements over existing, more human-centric solutions.

The NITRO Bot 2.0 can automate processes in areas such as:

  • IT Support
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Administration

Users can access services in any or all of these and other departments through the common Bot interface, all within Microsoft Teams.

Crow Canyon's Bot Analytic Services provide further benefit by identifying usage patterns and tracking metrics on the Bot. With this data in hand, bot administrators can improve the Bot performance, continually increasing its usefulness and value.

Crow Canyon uses Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Teams to enable companies to deploy digital solutions that transform the way people work.


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