Ellby Group leaps into HyperAutomation

The Ellby Group has formed a strategic partnership with Intellibot to access the company’s HyperAutomation platform.

Ellby Group companies offer cloud deployed, digital transformation solutions to the Asia Pacific business market. It does this through three trading entities, FileBound Australia, UpFlow and UpSol.

“This partnership further broadens the range of customer problems our cloud-based platform can solve,” said Lee Bourke, Managing Director of the group.

“We look forward to utilising their AI in our solutions designs and are particularly energized by the Intellibot teams’ high levels of energy and approach to market.”

The Intellibot HyperAutomation Platform is configured to allow organisations to more easily adopt next-generation technologies such as AI/RPA, Chatbot, NLP, IoT, data extraction tools, and computer vision. It can be configured to run on-premise or on private, public (Amazon, Azure or Google) or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

It is a one-stop platform with prebuilt integration with many enterprise applications to enable smooth and rapid deployment. Key features include banking grade security, role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-tenancy.

There are three components that make up the HyperAutomation Platform: Intellibot Studio, Orchestrator and AI.

Studio is where you design and create your Business Process Automations. It boasts a wide assortment of pre-designed components and a code-free environment.

Govern, manage and supervise your Digital Workforce in Intellibot Orchestrator.

Orchestrator’s Multitenancy capability allows you to create logical partitions to allow effective management of robots for different customers, internal or external, from a single instance. Each logical instance has its own ACL (Access Control List), Robots, Licences, Logs, Etc.

Intellibot AI solutions are simple to use and built for non-Machine Learning Engineers. They can be easily integrated with existing business processes using Intellibot RPA/RDA robots. Intellibot’s AI platform currently supports Text Analytics and support for Image and Voice Analytics is coming soon.

The Platform comes with built-in cognitive services such as Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Intellibot has native support for IBM Watson, Google Machine Learning and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

“The Intellibot team is pleased to have partnered with Ellby Group for the Australia and New Zealand markets and we are looking forward to an exciting journey ahead. This partnership will help Intellibot establish its presence in these markets”, said Bharat Madnani, VP - Client Success at Intellibot.

“The Ellby Group has a strong channel partner network and a long list of existing customers that will benefit through this partnership, together we will not only help track their automation journey but with Intellibot’s unique features and reduced total cost of ownership, users will see a positive impact on their bottom line almost immediately.”



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