Automation Anywhere Launches Embedded Dashboard to Measure RPA Impact

A new Center of Excellence (CoE) Dashboard from Automation Anywhere provides displays all metrics for an organisation’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects, providing side-by-side comparisons of business data and the additional value delivered by digital workers (also known as bots). The CoE Dashboard is a native feature within Bot Insight, Automation Anywhere’s embedded analytics solution.

The CoE Dashboard automatically evaluates data and activities from multiple bots and displays the incremental value they are providing the business. This enables an organisation to see ROI, immediately, while tracking business information which can be used for faster, more reliable forecasting.

With multiple departments across an organisation using automation technology, the CoE Dashboard showcases the actual results of RPA within each of them. The dashboard reports on metrics such as person hours saved, total cost savings, cost savings per bot, cost savings per process, bot success ratio, monthly bot ROI, and more. There is automatic tagging of variables built-in to the tool, so no data scientists are needed to set it up or keep it maintained.

“It is easy to get started with RPA but to truly scale you need an embedded analytics platform that can measure ROI, which is the single best metric to validate any technology and is usually the hardest to calculate,” said Abhijit Kakhandiki, Senior VP, Products and Engineering at Automation Anywhere.

 “With the CoE Dashboard, ROI is automatically calculated by task, process, and department, all in a single view. Customers no longer have to endure lengthy integration projects and hire technical specialists to understand and view their bot performance data. We are delivering business intelligence in the moment.”

For more information on Bot Insight analytics, visit here.

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