Digital push for Crime Stoppers Australia

ASX-listed Citadel Group has partnered with Crime Stoppers Australia to digitise the way in which crimes can be reported from members of the public to the law enforcement community.

Citadel’s citizen-centric safety management platform, vResponder, is being implemented to enable members of the public to report crimes or suspicious behaviour from their smart phones.

Based on the Azure cloud, the vResponder platform is capable of using a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Services tools to digitally triage incoming reports and provide decision makers with the vital intelligence they need to make time sensitive decisions to protect our communities.

The platform is designed to allow real-time video uploads and information capture in order to enhance risk reporting and supporting industries with high personnel risk (such as Defence, Mining, Mass Transport and Insurance). 

It currently provides a digital means to report risks or emergencies and receive automated prompts on required actions such as immediate risk reduction actions and follow up requirements according to industry and workplace standards and procedures. 

Citadel CEO Darren Stanley said the partnership “Crime Stoppers Australia is an incredible organisation which helps makes our communities safer. We are proud to be enabling the next generation of community safety through the vResponder platform which is capable of facilitating the reporting, and solving, of crimes not only in Australia but across the globe.

“It is our vision that by working closely with our partners like Crime Stoppers Australia and leveraging the power of AI and cognitive services we can assist the Government to not only solve crime, but prevent it, and in doing so build a Safer Australia.”



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