Powering Unstructured Data Analysis with IBM’s i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Rosoka Software has launched Rosoka Text Analytics v1.5 for the IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook. The new release of the tightly integrated application delivers powerful new features that allow users to fully analyze multilingual unstructured data, while providing the analyst with more control over the entities and relationship that are used for analysis.

Rosoka Text Analytics for Analyst’s Notebook is built on Rosoka NLP-based extraction and analysis technology that is used in mission-critical applications in today's data driven markets, including law enforcement, military, intelligence and financial fraud investigations.

New features include:
• Automated Entity, Relationship, and Location Extraction: Over 3 dozen entity types, hundreds of relationships and locations are automatically extracted from unstructured documents.
• Instant Analysis of Documents: Unstructured documents are rapidly processed with the important entities and relationships instantly highlighted in the document viewer.
• Enhanced User Control: Users maintain the power to apply their expert knowledge to documents with the ability to review, modify, add, or accept extracted entities and relationships.
• Collections: Users can create collections of documents related to specific matters and add new documents to the collection as they are collected.
• Quickly Build Charts: Users can select from any or all extracted entities to quickly build charts and easily expand their chats to see additional, related entities from previously processed documents.
• Vetting of Analysis: Users can quickly view the document(s) in which an entity or relationships is present for easy vetting and informed analysis.
• Truly Multilingual Document Analysis: Entities and relationships are extracted from over 200 languages simultaneously, eliminating the need to change or load separate dictionaries.  Users can also view an English gloss to gain quick understanding of the document's meaning.