OpenText Announces New Products For Legal Tech Market

OpenText Legal Center is a new cloud-based EIM application designed to integrate with OpenText eDOCS to manage client onboarding and document sharing. The company also announced a newly-aligned suite of products to serve the needs of the legal market.

“Law firms, governments, and corporate legal departments must continually evaluate their processes to remain effective and competitive in a rapidly changing climate,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText Vice Chair, CEO, and CTO.

“With our acquisitions of Guidance Software and Recommind, OpenText has expanded and enhanced our solution set. Combining these solutions with our industry-leading EIM platform, new AI and ML capabilities, and our experienced professional services organizations allows OpenText to provide a range of solutions unmatched in the legal market today.”

OpenText Legal Center brings a cloud-based, process-centric approach to addressing use cases in legal like client onboarding, external sharing & collaboration, and document management.  Legal Center is designed to leverage and extend existing DM repositories like OpenText eDOCS, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

OpenText Axcelerate is an eDiscovery platform with proprietary advanced analytics for ECA, review, and production. Axcelerate is available in the cloud, on premise, or as a managed service, and can now be bundled together with EnCase for forensic collection.

OpenText EnCase enables forensically-sound, onsite and remote collections, even from endpoints off the network.

OpenText Decisiv provides conceptual search to help legal practitioners find relevant content and people with expertise across multiple systems, far beyond what keywords can provide. Decisiv now includes supervised machine learning capabilities to predict content likely to be useful based on documents saved by the user to their research view.