Insight Engines adds Natural Language Processing

Insight Engines is launching the company’s version 3.0 product, combining two key components: Insight Investigator and Insight Analyzer. Together, these offerings use natural language processing, machine learning, and expert knowledge to detect data gaps, ask high-value questions, and give recommendations based on industry intelligence and activities.

“Security teams are mired in systems and approaches that are holding them back from being as effective as they want to be,” said Grant Wernick, CEO of Insight Engines.

“Companies are throwing a tremendous amount of money at the problem, yet virtually nothing has changed since the Equifax breach a year ago. We have to completely change the game by using machine learning to amplify human intelligence (i.e. knowledge, intuition, and creativity) in investigating and mitigating threats.”

Insight Engines’ latest product offerings, Insight Investigator and Insight Analyzer, solve three key problems:

  • Organize disorganized “landfills” of log data. Renders invisible or obscured data open and transparent, helping analysts know exactly what they have–and don’t have–in their logs.
  • Maximize security teams’ capabilities. Empowers anyone in an organization–not just the highly-specialized technicians who are in short supply–to ask questions of their data and get timely answers.
  • Augment human intelligence (HI) to help analysts ask better questions. Analyzes and distills industry trends and activities to provide smart recommendations for questions and deeper avenues of investigation.

Insight Investigator uses patented natural language processing (NLP) technology so security analysts of all levels can ask questions of their machine data through English language search, instead of learning highly-specialized and complex query languages.

This enables organizations to discover the value of their machine data by asking intelligent questions that go beyond traditional static security frameworks and raw searching, both of which are time consuming and likely incomplete.

Insight Analyzer enables customers to understand what data they have, how it’s organized, and what questions that data can and cannot answer.

Insight Engines’ new product is architected for customers to get the best of both worlds: on-premise security with cloud-enabled intelligence.

“With our latest release, we provide security organizations with a more creative human approach to threat detection, where machines are used to fuel and augment human intelligence,” said Jacob Perkins, CTO of Insight Engines.

“Insight Engines eliminates common bottlenecks in threat investigation, enables inquisitive minds to explore dark corners of their systems where threats could be lingering, and empowers analysts of all levels to access security and IT data with natural language search.”