Esker integrates with Oracle E Business Suite ERP

Document process automation specialist Esker has launched new integration with Oracle E-Business Suite. Esker users can now receive supplier invoices directly in Oracle E-Business Suite Payables application. 

Esker’s accounts payable automation solution (AP) is built on standard Oracle E-Business Suite objects and communication methods, providing customers with a safe, seamless integration and offering IT departments the peace of mind they require during rollouts of new technologies. Companies can be up and running in just a few weeks and benefit from AP automation sooner rather than later.

Esker’s automation solution provides a single solution for document processing—directly into and out of Oracle E-Business Suite—to automate, streamline and simplify AP processes, including invoice verification, approval and mobile support. Based on Esker customer results, AP automation can help businesses receive and enter invoices up to 65 percent faster, lower processing costs as much as 60 percent and improve invoice accuracy up to 99 percent.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite customers can leverage the value they have invested in their ERP system while taking advantage of specific features, including: 
  • Quick solution setup enables communication between Esker’s accounts payable solution and Oracle E-Business Suite to be fully operational in just a few weeks.
  • Automatic supplier and invoice data synchronisation helps leverage Oracle E-Business Suite data to support full AP process automation.
  • Invoice posting error management provides support so that if an error occurs when the invoice is pushed to Oracle E-Business Suite, the information is made available to the user in Esker’s solution and the issue can be handled immediately.
  • Purchase order (PO) and non-PO invoice posting is automated and fully auditable.
  • AP workflow residing outside of Oracle E-Business Suite delivers better business continuity, 24/7/365 access, non-Oracle E-Business Suite user approval capability, easier training and greater user acceptance.
  • Mobile invoice approval application brings improved efficiency and on-the-road invoice accessibility for managers.
  • Invoice archive link in Oracle E-Business Suite enables users to conveniently access the original invoice image and processing data directly from the ERP invoice record.
  • Invoice payment status and information are automatically updated and available in Esker’s accounts payable solution.

“The integration between Esker’s AP processing solution and Oracle E-Business Suite enables customers to process their vendor invoices faster, with fewer staff, and with better control over their financial processes,” said Esker CEO Jean-Michel Bérard.

“As we further our investment in the Oracle business ecosystem, we will continue to deliver new integration capabilities to provide customers with even more value as they address AP automation.”


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