TIS adds new AP automation solution

Top Image Systems (TIS) has announced the availability of its next-generation accounts payable (AP) automation solution eFLOW® AP. It combines data extraction and validation technology with mobile capabilities, and cloud, on premise, and hybrid deployment options.

The eFLOW AP solution offers the option of a traditional on premise deployment, a completely cloud-based deployment, or a hybrid deployment where capture can occur in the cloud while some functions are completed on premise.

“The SAP deployment option has important advantages: OCR on the fly inside of SAP to be able to control the entire process from inside SAP, ad-hoc real time analytics to measure and adjust the AP process, a familiar environment, no need for data redundancy and the use of existing SAP infrastructure to protect these investments,” said Carsten Nelk, Chief Technology Officer at TIS.

“Furthermore, we leverage the most up-to-date functionality that SAP offers, such as FIORI. This all works together to simplify the user experience.”

The solution leverages the company’s eFLOW CloudDocs archival platform, to allow organizations can quickly organize documents by category, function, department or responsibility and share and archive invoices, purchase orders and related documents.

eFLOW AP also provides real-time reports that identify process bottlenecks and monitor performance, empowering Finance organizations to continuously improve and streamline accounts payable operations.

“Historically, AP automation solutions have been too costly, too inflexible and too complex for mid- market companies to consider,” said TIS CEO Michael Schrader. “Now we can offer the same functionality as do the AP automation solutions for large companies, but with advanced capture, mobile deployment and integration capabilities that deliver a more compelling return on investment.”


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