Bottomline and Visa offer Business Payment automation

Bottomline Technologies is aligning its payment network, Paymode-X, with Visa Payables join to create a business payment automation solution.

“The combination of Visa Payables and Paymode-X will bring corporate clients a seamless experience that simplifies payment automation and maximizes cost savings, efficiency and security,” said Brian Triplett, SVP and global head of Commercial Solutions, Visa.

“By integrating Visa’s digital payment capabilities with Paymode-X, Visa continues to enhance our suite of commercial solutions, empowering corporate buyers and suppliers to take advantage of the benefits of electronic payments.”

Paymode-X facilitates the online exchange of electronic payments and remittance advices between payers and vendors in a user-friendly and intuitive format.

“Our aspiration is to be the way businesses pay and get paid. The integration with Visa is a big step forward to achieving that vision,” said Rob Eberle, President and CEO at Bottomline Technologies.

“Providing the full capabilities of Paymode-X and the broad reach of Visa Payables creates a business payments solution that simplifies automation while maximizing its benefits.”

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