Office opens up to OnePlaceMail

OnePlaceMail is broadening its horiozons, with release 3.1 of the Outlook/Sharepoint integration suite extending its reach to Word/Excel and PowerPoint.

Australian developer Scinaptic Communications created OnePlaceMail to provide a simple means of saving Outlook email directly into SharePoint. This functionality has now been extended to the rest of the Office suite, in both 2003 and 2007 releases.

The OnePlaceMail Office productivity Tools feature a refined User Interface for seamless integration between Outlook, Office, Windows Desktop and SharePoint.

Release 3.1 provides the ability to send and save emails directly to SharePoint, as well as SharePoint Library Management from within Outlook.

The release has been stress tested on libraries with thousands of folders to ensure responsiveness is maintained, and it also offers email attachment management as well as Enterprise Deployment and Configuration Options.

OnePlaceMail integrates with the Windows right-click ‘send to’ menu. Files on network drives and personal folders can be uploaded in the same seamless way as emails and attachments. It adheres to SharePoint security so users can only upload or view content for libraries/lists where they have appropriate SharePoint access.