NZ Union takes charge of Exchange

The New Zealand Public Service Association (PSA), the largest union in New Zealand, has turned to Mimosa Systems for an Exchange management and archiving platform for its 58,000 members.

The PSA, which represents 58,000 members, is managed by a highly mobile staff who generate a phenomenal amount of email using Outlook on Exchange 2007. Before using NearPoint, the users were challenged to find old emails, and could not restore deleted contact information and calendar appointments.

The PSA's choice of NearPoint to solve its email management issues has proven to be a winner. NearPoint -- which has been running successfully with zero user or performance issues -- allows staff members to restore and find email and other Outlook information easily and quickly. End-users locate their archived emails viaNearPoint's self-service retrieval feature, which is the key element in enabling NearPoint to find and restore email, contact and calendar information without straining Exchange or IT resources.

"My users just love the Mimosa product," said Richard Finlay, IS project manager, PSA. "They find it very effective and easy-to-use. At the same time, introducing NearPoint has reduced the workload on the IS staff by nearly 20 percent, which allows us to focus on the critical path of our next project."

"PSA's experience with Mimosa's integrated archive captures the essence of simple, easy-to-use search, browse functionality that allows their staff to manage large volumes of archived email," said Scott Whitney, vice president product management of Mimosa Systems. "ThePSA is the perfect example of a company that is managing email growth while relying on NearPoint to decrease storage costs, simplify data recovery, and facilitate end-user access."