eRx launches smartphone prescription app

eRx Script Exchange has launched eRx Express, a free app that allows Australians to order scripts by smart phone whilst also securely connecting with eRx’s national eScripts network of 15,500 GPs and 4,100 pharmacies. 

Called eRx Express, the new app means that people can scan and pre­order their script medicines anywhere and anytime they want ­on the train, at work, at the footy, at a BBQ or anywhere else – and collect them at a time and date that suits. 

This is the first time that a mobile pharmacy app has connected directly into pharmacy dispensing software and the national eRx eScripts network which lets GPs and pharmacists exchange electronic prescriptions safely and securely. This means that people can scan and pre­order their medicines safe in the knowledge that 

  1. scanned prescriptions are exactly as provided by the GP 
  2. improved patient safety and dispensing efficiency benefits of eScripts apply 
  3. customers can pre­select collection at a time and date that suits, reducing waiting time in the pharmacy 

eRx Express connects directly into pharmacy dispensing software, which means there is no re­keying of patient or medicines information, reducing potential medicines misadventures which currently place a $A380 million burden on the health system. 

The free new app has threesteps for people: 

Scan scripts using the QR code that appears on the prescription 

  1. Submit the script or scripts to the pharmacy 
  2. Pickup their medicine at their preferred date and time 
  3. eRx Express can be downloaded at the App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android, and Windows Phone for Microsoft. 

The new eRx Express smart phone app is part of eRx Script Exchange, Australia’s first national electronic prescriptions exchange, which connects more than 15,500 doctors and 4,100 pharmacies to improve patient safety and dispensing efficiency. The app uses individual QR codes which replicate the eRx barcode information on each script, therefore sending script requests safely and securely via the eRx Script Exchange’ national eScripts network.