Kapow boosts Kofax process push

Kofax says its $US47.5M  big data acquisition, Kapow Software, will continue to operate independently while its data integration technology will help the parent  company's push to meet the modern business drive towards process automation.

It says Kapow’s software will simplify Kofax’s ability to integrate smart process applications with third party software for content import and export purposes as well as data validation during a business process. 

In addition, the company believes it will significantly strengthen Kofax’s ability to penetrate the emerging electronic content transformation segment of the multichannel capture market, and is highly complementary to the recent acquisition of Altosoft’s business intelligence and analytics products.

"By more quickly creating essential links between an organisation’s smart process applications, systems of engagement and systems of record we can speed our time to market with new solutions and customers’ ROIs,” said Reynolds C. Bish, Chief Executive Officer of Kofax. “Kapow has successfully transitioned the majority of its software revenue from perpetual to term licenses while growing its total revenues during its last four fiscal years. We’ll be investing to grow its sales organization and further accelerate its software revenue growth while leveraging its software to accelerate growth in our smart process applications software and solutions business.”

Kapow Katalyst data integration software provides near real-time application integration and process automation with a “point and click, no coding” approach. The resulting data integration modules can then be deployed via Kapow Kapplets, lightweight apps instantly accessible on a self-serviced basis. 

According to a March 20, 2013 Gartner report titled “Data Integration Enables Information Capabilities for the 21st Century”, the data integration tool market was worth $US1.9 billion at the end of 2011, an increase of 15.3% from 2010. 

The report further states, “Data integration remains a strategic priority for many organisations, and this market is showing some of the highest growth rates of any enterprise software market; our projected five-year compound annual growth rate of nearly 9% will bring the total to over $US2.8 billion in 2016.”