OpenText means business with Smart Process apps

Enterprise applications and enterprise content were always two different sides of the coin, however OpenText believes it has bridged the divide with its launch of a new set of Process Applications.

Delivered in the cloud, these out-of-the-box "Smart Process Applications" - as OpenText describes them - will initially target Insurance case management, customer service and HR Recruitment and Onboarding.

Each will integrated data capture and information flow, with specific business processes linked to the OpenText ECM suite. 

OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea, said, “By providing business users with ready-to-use building blocks that include process models, application logic, persona-based user experiences, and case configurations, we are helping our customers remain agile to keep pace with ever-changing customer expectations.”

OpenText says the out-of-the-box, process-specific building blocks enable organisations to design and deliver successful applications in as little as 30 days.

It also claims that the "business-friendly nature of the process-based applications reduces a line of business’ reliance on IT for often costly and time-consuming changes."

OpenText Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Cochrane said, "Historically backend erp systems automated all your enterprise transactions , however future organisations will automate all of their processes around unstructured data and communications.

"Over the last 12 months we have focussed on CIOs who are making a radical shift from being operationally focussed to becoming strategic partners for the business. We believe the strategic CIO is an agent of transformation in the C-Suite and to help retool the enterprise around harnessing the power of information to radically change the way employees share and collaborate."

In tandem with the new Smart Process launch, OpenText announced three other initiatives.

OpenText InfoFusion - Described as Enterprise Search + InfoFusion provides a way to search, classify and  and ingest information from a wide range of erp and content repositories 

OpenText Archive is an enterprise-wide repository for long-term retention across multiple storage devices

SecureiX,  a new encrypted  message and file exchange service delivered in the cloud .