South Perth integrates CRM suite

The City of South Perth has gone live with a KANA Lagan CRM solution for local government, that integrates tightly with council’s existing back-end systems such as HP TRIM, Civica Authority and Intramaps. 

Delivered in partnership with solutions provider Datacom, the new CRM platform is designed to give the city’s 45,000 residents greater options for customer service, including self-service phone and web alternatives for managing simple inquiries.  

It also provides immediate transparency for ratepayers and customers of the City and provides proactive monitoring of all requests. This will allow customers to interact with the city at a time and a place of their choosing, will lead to increased responsiveness and will allow customers to track the progress of their own requests for service.

City of South Perth is using Lagan Agent Desktop, designed to provide government contact centre representatives with an optimised client for handling phone calls from local residents, by email and other channels.  The council is also using Lagan Knowledge Management in its call centre to provide fast and consistent responses to resident requests for information. 

Lagan Web Self Service will allow the City of South Perth to provide residents with quick and efficient access to existing services via the council’s website and other support channels.

By the end of 2012, City of South Perth will be offering its residents access to mobile apps and further web solutions.

“We are pleased to work with the City of South Perth to help provide local residents with simpler access to customer service tools,” said Jo Hutchinson, Datacom. “The benefits provided by the KANA Lagan platform will allow the council to improve its customer service levels and responsiveness overall, which will, in return, result in cost savings for the council, that they can then put into providing other value-adding services for residents.”

“With powerful and accessible CRM solutions like KANA Lagan, government organisations across the country can improve their service delivery with fast, streamlined improvements,” said Jason du Preez, VP Sales Asia Pacific, KANA. 

“There are significant benefits for local councils and other government bodies who deal with the public on a regular basis to providing better access to information, faster resolution of customer service requests and greater transparency into processes.  These benefits come via substantial labour and cost efficiencies, which can in turn be used to keep improving service delivery while continuing to lower costs.  We look forward to continuing to work with City of South Perth and Datacom to keep improving the council’s customer service experience.”