CSR movies into e-invoicing

Australian building products company  CSR has selected OB10, the e-Invoicing network, to offer electronic invoicing to its 10,000 suppliers.

CSR is a leading provider of building products in Australia and New Zealand and is behind
some of the market's most trusted and recognised brands in residential and commercial

John Denyer, Manager of Transactional Accounting Services at CSR, said, “For CSR, it is very
important that our customers and suppliers regard us as a company that is easy to do business
with. By partnering with OB10, we can offer our suppliers a broad range of choices in the way
that they invoice us, regardless of the size of their organisation or their annual volume of
invoices. In the near future we hope to expand this capability to our customers, giving them
choice as to how they receive invoices from us.

“In addition, OB10 helps us operationally to speed up and simplify the way that we enter
supplier invoice information into our system, improving the quality and enriching the content.
This allows our  Accounts  Payables team to process invoices more efficiently and focus on
higher-level activities in a more cost-effective manner.”

Luke McKeever, CEO at OB10, welcomes CSR to the e-Invoicing network, “We are excited to
announce CSR as our most recent customer to join OB10 in Australia. CSR is among many
forward-thinking companies  adopting e-Invoicing  to  improve  liquidity  in  its supply chain while
benefiting from stronger supplier relations.”

To roll out e-Invoicing, CSR is working with Scan One Asia Pacific, a provider of
automated accounts payable SaaS and P2P consulting services.