Social messaging service delivers for the enterprise

Cleartext has announced the launch of a business grade instant messaging (IM), group chat and microblogging platform.

Cleartext Enterprise Social Messaging (ESM) delivers a realtime collaboration solution optimised for business use, to speed up team communications, reduce email use, phone costs and time consuming meetings.

Cleartext ESM delivers standards based (via the eXtensible Messaging & Presence Protocol(XMPP)) IM and microblogging solutions that include desktop and hosted archiving, eDiscovery and URL filtering to minimise the risk of malware downloads and identity theft from phishing links.

”We are very excited to be launching Cleartext ESM which gives our clients a solid standards based platform to deliver next generation messaging, collaboration and social business solutions. ” said David Banes, Founder and Managing Director of Cleartext.

Cleartext has already booked it’s first deal for ESM with a City of London based investment firm displacing a legacy instant messaging platform.

“This has been a good win for Cleartext, not only displacing an established vendor but also selling into a space usually occupied by Thompson-Reuters Messaging, it proves we’ve got the solution spot on for the financial services industry.” said Graham Mann, Cleartext VP Sales, EMEA.

As well as providing a solid foundation for business collaboration Cleartext ESM can integrates with and archive public services such as Twitter, StatusNet, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.