Fiona Stanley Hospital goes paperless with Charm

Fiona Stanley Hospital has become the first of several sites across WA’s South Metropolitan Health Service to go live with the Charm Evolution oncology information management system by Magentus.

Through Charm Evolution, clinicians are now able to draw all vital information about a cancer patient and their care journey into a single digital record, accessible by the entire care team.

As a centralised oncology patient record, Charm Evolution delivers seamless upstream and downstream interoperability with other key hospital systems. This gives care teams instant access to realtime patient information and standard protocols and decision support.

Previously The Cancer Centre at Fiona Stanley Hospital relied upon a paper-based system and a home-built scheduling database, with multiple paper copies of chemo charts and files created for different care teams. Updating these forms if any changes should be required was a cumbersome and laborious process.

There was no single source of truth for patient information, a problem exacerbated for patients initially treated at Fiona Stanley Hospital but receiving ongoing cycles closer to home – often in distant regional areas.

By digitising all workflows and integrating with other software products, Charm Evolution ensures workflow is streamlined and accurate and staff can optimise their work towards patient care. As a single source of truth, multiple versions of paper charts are no longer needed.

Shared care sites can view accurate information about patients at any time, making transitions of care safer. The scheduler keeps all tasks on track, adapting to any changes made in the clinical profile.

Neil Doverty, Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group Executive Director, said, “Going live with Charm Evolution is helping us move away from reliance on paper records and manual prescribing.

"With a fully electronic prescribing system, we can improve patient safety by providing a single source of truth for treatment. We’re also pleased with Charm Evolution’s ability to improve governance, quality, and the care journey for cancer patients.”