Shaping the Next Wave of Intelligent Document Processing

ByJeff Munn, Kodak Alaris

Many organizations around the world are using intelligent document processing (IDP) software to accelerate information onboarding and take document intelligence to higher levels of automation, accuracy, and efficiency. At Kodak Alaris, we recently announced a new business solutions organization dedicated to the IDP market to help partners and customers get up to speed with—and then get ahead of—this powerful technology trend.

Although, it’s less of a “trend” in the way people talk about Twitter and TikTok trends, and more of just…the foreseeable future of document processing and information management.

So, we were very proud to see Kodak Alaris recognized as a “Major Player” in IDC’s 2023-24 MarketScape Assessment for Worldwide Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software Vendors.

The report recognizes our rich history of technological innovation and our unique, forward-thinking approach to document AI. IDC evaluated capabilities in this fast-growing market (~30% CAGR over the next 5-10 years!) and highlighted KODAK Info Input Solution, our intelligent document processing software that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business processes—quickly, accurately, and reliably.

One of the many advantages of Info Input Solution is that it makes it easy for businesses to leverage the latest in advanced machine learning technology from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Our unique Open Intelligence™ approach is a key reason IDC ranked us #1 in strategy among all Major Players.

Other unique aspects of our IDP solution capabilities that IDC’s expert analysts highlighted include:

  • Solutions guidance and deployments based on specific use cases: With our broad partner ecosystem and professional services team, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate customer IDP needs and provide “best fit” solutions that include IDP-adjacent vendors.
  • Tight integration with our award-winning line of document scanners: Most IDP solutions require a document scanning component to onboard various types of analog information, such as paper invoices, contracts, handwritten forms, IDs, and insurance cards. Consistently onboarding accurate data requires high-quality scans, and Kodak Alaris has been a leader in image quality for decades. Pairing our document scanners with our IDP software is a proven technology solution for a wide variety of business needs.
  • Our ability to combine software, hardware, and professional services gives customers a “one-stop shop” to rely on, from system and workflow analysis to solution design, implementation, and long-term support.

The report sums it up nicely: “IDP customers looking for an end-to-end integrated solution that spans hardware, software, and/or services should prioritize Kodak Alaris.” The recognition of Kodak Alaris as a “Major Player” in the IDC assessment is not just a testament to our technology but a clear indicator of our commitment to driving the evolution of IDP forward.

Our dedication to empowering businesses across various sectors and our Open Intelligence™ approach underscore our fundamental mission: to deliver future-ready technology solutions that transform operational efficiency and redefine the future of document management.