Microsoft teams up Priva with Purview for privacy and compliance

Microsoft has announced a series of enhancements to Priva, its platform for identifying personal data and critical privacy risks in M365, including closer integration with Purview Compliance Manager.

With this update, admins can take specific actions within Microsoft Priva that achieve points that count toward compliance assessment completion and increase the overall compliance score. Examples of actions that can detect and provide credit include admins setting up a Privacy Risk Management policy or enabling data retention limits for a subject rights request.

Additionally, insights from Compliance Manager will now populate within Priva itself.

Priva Privacy Risk Management now provides administrators with access to data minimisation policy insights 72 hours after starting Priva, with a view of data up to the past 90 days.

“Previously, customers would have waited at least 30 days to catch policy matches,” said Kacey Lemieux, director of compliance and privacy marketing at Microsoft in a blog post. “With a better history of data, privacy admins can understand privacy trends better, and use these data points to strategise the best approach for their organisations.”

Priva Privacy Risk Management leverages auto-classification technology to identify more than 308 personal data types in the Microsoft 365 environment, with no configuration needed.

Organizations can create policies from pre-configured templates to automate privacy risk mitigation.

Admins can configure Priva to help employees make better data-handling decisions. Microsoft Priva can trigger a system-generated email or Microsoft Teams message to a data owner with recommended actions and privacy best practices.

Priva Subject Rights Requests is another new feature introduced to manage the right to be forgotten, giving people the ability to request the deletion of all the information an organization has collected about them.

“According to Gartner, by the end of 2024, three-quarters of the world’s population will have personal data covered by modern privacy regulation,” said Lemieux.

The ability to configure delete as a request type is now included in Priva. This will kick off a workflow to streamline deletion and also deliver a summary report.

“For organizations, the process of completing subject rights requests can be a manual, complex, time-consuming, and expensive process, that is also time bound. Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests help organizations manage requests at scale and with confidence,” said Lemieux.